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The revolutionary new online tool that integrates safety, compliance and training across your club – making it easy and accessible for all staff.

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Reduce insurance premium by 12%


Reduce admin by 75%


Achieve 100% oversight

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How Obbi Golf benefits your club

Clubs using Obbi empower their teams to create safer working environments – where all staff have up-to-date information on their own obligations and team leaders are always aware of the issues.

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Unified Club Operations

Obbi brings cohesion to golf club management. Through its centralised platform, all staff, from the caddy to the club manager, can easily navigate and align their tasks. This streamlined approach ensures efficient operations and bolsters teamwork, helping every member play their part effectively.


Clear & Effective Communication

Good communication is crucial in a dynamic club setting, and that’s precisely where Obbi excels. It guarantees that critical safety information is clear and actionable. By centralising communication, Obbi reduces the risk of missed information, keeping everyone in the loop and aligned with the club’s goals.


Deepened Trust & Accountability

With Obbi, club management goes beyond mere operations; it’s about building trust and shared responsibility. Obbi’s open and transparent approach ensures that everyone is accountable for their own obligations. It simplifies processes and, in turn, fosters a safe and efficient club environment.


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Incident Reporting

Effortlessly streamline your accident reporting process with Obbi Golf’s comprehensive solution. With Obbi Golf, incident reporting becomes efficient, thorough, and actionable, contributing to a safer and more compliant environment.

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“I genuinely can not recommend Obbi Golf enough, and not only does their platform save me time and money, perhaps more importantly, it removes the worry from not being fully compliant.”

Golf Club of the Year 2023

Seckford Golf Club

“From the very beginning, Obbi Golf were supremely helpful, and after deciding to sign-up, the on-boarding process has been relatively simple, even for someone like me who isn’t exactly IT literate.”

Customer Testimonials

What our customers say

From the home of Rory McIlroy to some of Europe’s Top 100 courses, they are all making their club safer with Obbi Golf.


“The standout features of Obbi Golf is the excellent support function and the flexibility of the system tasks. These aspects impressed us the most, and they have positively impacted our department and club by keeping Health and Safety at the forefront of our management practices.”

Wicklow Golf Club

Niall Keyes, General Manager

The Condor

“The support from team Obbi has been great. The QR Codes makes everything fast and efficient. Having Obbi will bring more structure going forward, especially now we have a mechanic on board. The added benefit of taking away a lot of paperwork for course managers has been invaluable. “

The Condor at Chateau du Coudreceau

Jonathan Stubbs, Course Superintendent

Holywood Golf Club

“I recently had  a couple of outside agencies in club (Fire Risk Assessors & Buggy Rental Co.) and showed them how Obbi was helping us with our Fire safety and control of buggy maintenance & safety. They were both very suitably impressed with the set up and its workings.”

Holywood Golf Club

Stuart Cameron, Maintenance Manager


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At Obbi Golf, we believe that knowledge is the key to mastering your club management responsibilities. Whether you’re a club manager, a member of the board, or a greenkeeper, our blog is your go-to resource for staying informed, inspired, and empowered.

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