Integrating Compliance, Safety and Training across your Golf Club

Safety, Compliance and Training

Make your Club safer with ease

Digitise your Health & Safety compliance plus your accident and incident reporting. Say goodbye to endless paper checks and audits! Distribute key policies with the touch of a button and drive quality across your club.

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Green Keepers have all the detail, minus the paperwork

Full machine maintenance & risk management whilst proactively delivering and driving safety standards for staff, members & visitors. You have the ability to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements too!

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golf club management obbi

Put the obligation back on to your employees

Empower your employees to fulfil their obligations. Deliver and record training for all staff, ensure SOPs and hygiene standards are met and digitally record key mandatory processes you may have such as temperature and Legionella checks or COSHH.

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golf club management obbi

“We are thrilled to be working with Obbi Golf who, like ourselves, truly understand the importance of risk management for golf clubs. Having an effective risk mitigation process in place can help golf clubs with claims defensibility which in turn can lead to lower claims and therefore lower insurance premiums. Obbi Golf are uniquely positioned to help clubs in this manner.”

Howden Insurance

Mike Farrell

Howden Insurance Brokers

“Obbi provides clients with risk management, training, data collection and an auditing programme, which will greatly assist in the reduction of workplace accidents, as well as reducing the client’s exposure.”

mark clifford health ans safety obbi

Mark Clifford

Health & Safety Consultant

“Obbi Golf will revolutionise the Golf Club management industry, it provides a brilliant solution to the main pain points of a club and will make any Golf Club Managers life easier – I wish it had been invented years ago!”

castlerock golf club obbi

Bert McKay

General Manager, Castlerock Golf Club

“Obbi has delivered a massive return on investment which is often a hidden cost people don’t really take into consideration like the time doing paperwork or following up on health and safety or near-misses or whatever it may be. It also depends on your broker, but we have seen a reduction in our premium which is obviously very important”

Belvoir Park Golf Club

Brendan McDermott

General Manager, Belvoir Park Golf Club

“We’re delighted to partner with Obbi Golf as our new Education Partner. We believe their product has much to offer club managers in streamlining the entire Health & Safety process, taking away the reliance on paper and bringing it all together on one digital platform which can be accessible to all line management in the club. We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship in the years ahead.”


Michael F Walsh CCM

Executive Officer

“It is fantastic to be able to announce Obbi Golf as another key partner to CMAE. It has been great to meet with Gareth, Catherine and Ryan from the Obbi team. They have an infectious enthusiasm and are very proud of their platform which has already won multiple awards including most recent Innovative Platform of the Year. We can’t wait to start meeting up with the CMAE Tribe to demonstrate how effective it is across all key departments.”


Michael McCormack

International Project Manager

“We are delighted to have the Obbi Team join the GCMA family and are extremely excited about the benefits this software will bring to our members in order to drive safety across the industry. Having seen the platform, we know this will be a great help to managers up and down the country.”


Craig Cotterill

Business Partnerships Manager

“We are delighted to be working with Obbi Golf who, like ourselves, truly understand the importance of risk management for golf clubs. Having an effective risk mitigation process in place can help golf clubs ensure their members are comprehensively covered should a situation arise.”

Golf Plan Insurance

Dean Turner

GolfPlan Insurance

“As the GCMA’s legal partner, we are active participants in the golf sector and support many golf clubs with their legal and HR needs. We are therefore delighted to be able to support Obbi Golf as a business partner and with their annual golf health and safety survey, which provides invaluable market information to golf clubs and businesses operating in the golf sector.”

Rubric Law

James Howell

Rubric Law

“ALPS are delighted to partner with Obbi Golf as their official Safety Partner for Food Safety to help Golf Clubs reach their best potential in Safety, Compliance and Training. Obbi Golf is a unique platform that can help Golf Club Managers and Hospitality Managers have a more robust and streamlined process to keep safe and stay compliant.”

ALPS Consultancy

Steuart Fotheringham

ALPS Consultancy

“As a consultant with nearly 30 years’ experience, I understand that all businesses are legally required to comply with Health and Safety regulations and legislation. Failure to comply can lead to criminal proceedings and financial penalties being applied which have a detrimental effect on a business and its ongoing operation. I have partnered with Obbi Golf’s software product as I believe it is the ideal solution for managing Health and Safety compliance on such a wide, varied and risk-sensitive site as a golf club.”

Colin McGlynn

Colin McGlynn

CMG Consultants

Obbi combines all key departments in your Golf Club

One easy to use platform to work together in tandem to save time, money and mitigate risk.

Obbi Golf helps Management, Green Keepers and Hospitality teams with…


Clubs who are focused on driving productivity and quality of products, services, standards and their team.

Health & Safety

Clubs who proactively manage all health and safety risk assessments from the kitchen to greenkeeping.

Manual Workers

Don’t waste time stuck at your desk filling out forms or audits on the computer – do it on the go with Obbi from your mobile device.

HR Staff & Training

Easily manage contracts and onboarding, training, staff engagement, communications and records management for all staff.

Governing Standards

Clubs and teams who must comply to governing standards both internally and externally including COSHH, ISO, safety or your own internal standards.

Paper-based Processes

Clubs who struggle with paper-based processes including checks, audits, record keeping, SOP’s etc.

Incident Management

Should something go wrong, clubs can instantly record and manage any incident, accident or near miss across the club including the kitchen, course or car park.

COVID Compliant

We recognise that whilst things are getting better, we have to still do our part to manage COVID risk so we have an automated daily register that staff can complete before they start work.

Obbi’s Integrated Suite of Guardians

Obbi is unique because it connects key departments including Management, Green Keeping and Hospitality and empowers all teams to proactively deliver and record all company standards safely and efficiently through it’s integrated suite of Guardians. Check them out!

Obbi Golf Safety and Compliance

Safety Guardian

Obbi Golf Safety and Compliance

Compliance Guardian

Obbi Golf Safety and Compliance

Talent Guardian

Obbi Golf Safety and Compliance

Certificate Guardian

Obbi Golf Safety and Compliance

COVID Guardian

Obbi Golf Safety and Compliance

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