H&S fines cost 244% more than the cost of compliance

Posted on: 8 June 2021

The average cost of health and safety fines is 244% higher than the cost of compliance, according to health and safety consultants, Arinite.

What are you doing to stay on top of your compliance? Investing in compliance can save a company up to £75,000 in health & safety fines.

SHP say the main factors that help reduce the seriousness of an offence are:

• Effective health and safety procedures in place

• Evidence of steps taken voluntarily to remedy a problem

• High level of cooperation with the investigation

• A good health and safety record – and having no previous convictions

So, imagine a platform that can help you manage all of the above to help prevent or reduce the seriousness of an offence (plus managing your onboarding, training and accident and incident management too)

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