3 Ways Technology is Transforming the World of Golf

Posted on: 9 August 2021

Golf is widely known for being a sport that is set in its ways in terms of tradition and why wouldn’t it be seeing as it was created in the 15th century. With historic golf clubs around the world, many have found it hard to change and update their processes due to the old-fashioned and dated vision of these clubs. Technology is changing and transforming everything we do both inside and outside of the workplace and it’s now time for even the most traditional of organisations to hop on board (or else they might just get left behind).  

Through the integration of technology into the golf environment, clubs can vastly improve their processes, from the ground up, through the adoption of online applications, high-tech equipment implemented throughout the course and portable gadgets for players. It is essential for clubs to identify any new technological trends within the sport in order to stay competitive and relevant within the modern market. 

Here are 3 ways as to how technology is transforming the world of golf:  

  1. Online Portals (software) 

The integration of software into the golf world has made it increasingly easy for clubs to operate on a daily basis. With the help of online portals such as BRS and Obbi solutions, clubs can significantly cut down on their daily operational time, simplify complex actions and prioritise on more pressing matters. For instance, BRS allows members to book their own time slot on the golf course in real time with little input needed by the golf club itself. Prior to this portal being created, members would have to call the club and ask for their name to be put down at a specific time, taking up time for both parties involved.  

In terms of compliance management and employee engagement, Obbi solutions aids clubs to cut down from up to 68% on admin work, while also making the daily maintenance operations safer and more consistent. The integration of processes such as HR, health and safety and compliance allows for clubs to be more on top of daily checks and tasks both in the clubhouse and out on the course.  

  1. Golf Course Automation  

Due to the current world we live in where automation is becoming increasingly more standardised, courses continue to integrate more technological advancements within their operations to create a more efficient and effective work routine. Automated machinery such as sprinklers have existed for the past decade but only in recent years have people designed automated grass mowers. The ‘Bugs Bunny’ is the first self-guided mower that cuts greens by itself, eliminating the need for personnel to drive it. These automated products decrease both labour costs and cut out time taken to maintain the course.   

  1. Tech- Gadgets  

Gadgets are constantly improving the golfers experience when on the course. With the introduction of products such as range finders and watches, people can seamlessly understand their range from the green, surrounding bunkers and layup areas throughout the course through the help of an integrated GPS system.  

Another major contributor to the impact of technology in the golf world is a sports measurement system called TrackMan. TrackMan is a radar system that reads club and ball data by the changing frequency of microwaves reflected off the club and ball. (I know it sounds confusing). This allows TrackMan to record critical data, including Club Path and Speed, Attack Angle, etc.  

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