CMG Consultants Partner with Obbi Golf

Posted on: 9 June 2022

Obbi Golf are delighted to have signed Colin McGlynn of CMG Consultants as one of our Safety Partners.

Colin has nearly 30 years industry experience working as a senior HR, H&S and General consultant. Colin established CMG Consultants in 2003 and has been successfully engaged by clients across the public and private sector to deliver consultancy / training services. Prior to establishing CMG Consultants, Colin worked with the Irish Productivity Centre (IPC) for over 9 years as a Senior Consultant.

Colin has undertaken a wide variety of client work including HR, HRM, Change Management, Performance Measurement / Management, Organisation Reviews, Health & Safety and General Management in the public and private sector. Colin has advised and assisted senior management across a variety of high profile organisations. This work invariably incorporated a very broad range of specialist inputs including human resource management, health & safety management, quantitative and qualitative research, productivity improvement, partnership, performance management / measurement, industrial engineering, reform of grading structures, job evaluation systems, reward systems, training and development and organisation reviews / development.

As a consultant with nearly 30 years’ experience I understand that all businesses are legally required to comply with Health and Safety regulations and legislation. Failure to comply can lead to criminal proceedings and financial penalties being applied which have a detrimental effect on a business and its ongoing operation. I have partnered with Obbi Golf’s software product as I believe it is the ideal solution for managing Health and Safety compliance on such a wide, varied and risk sensitive site as a golf club.

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