Swing Safe: Why Golf Clubs Need to Prioritise Safety and Compliance

Posted on: 8 April 2023

Swing Safe: Why Golf Clubs Need to Prioritise Safety and Compliance

The recent tree falling incident at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, made headlines around the world. While thankfully no one was hurt, the suspension of play due to stormy weather and fallen trees was a stark reminder that accidents can happen even at prestigious golf events.

At Obbi Golf, we take safety seriously. We believe that a golf club should be a place where players can enjoy their sport without worrying about risks to their health or well-being. That’s why we’ve developed a digital safety, compliance, and training platform that helps clubs prioritise safety every day.

Why Safety and Compliance Matter

Golf clubs are responsible for providing a safe environment for players, staff, and visitors. This means complying with local regulations and industry standards, such as fire safety, health and safety, and accessibility requirements.

In addition to legal and moral obligations, there are practical reasons why safety and compliance matter. Here are a few examples:

Avoiding accidents and injuries: Golf clubs can be hazardous places, with potential risks ranging from slip-and-fall accidents to equipment malfunctions. By implementing safety measures and training staff and members, clubs can reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Protecting reputation and finances: If an accident or injury occurs on club premises, it can damage the club’s reputation and lead to costly legal claims. By proactively prioritising safety and compliance, clubs can protect themselves from these risks.

Improving member satisfaction: Members want to feel safe and comfortable at their golf club. By demonstrating a commitment to safety and compliance, clubs can enhance member satisfaction and loyalty.

How Obbi Golf Can Help

At Obbi Golf, we understand the challenges that golf clubs face when it comes to safety and compliance. That’s why we’ve developed a digital platform that makes it easy to manage these issues proactively.

Our platform includes features such as:

  • Safety checklists: checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly safety inspections.
  • Incident reporting: an easy-to-use tool for reporting accidents, incidents, and near-misses.
  • Training resources: a library of training materials for staff and members on a range of safety and compliance topics.
  • Compliance management: a centralised system for tracking and managing compliance requirements, such as permits, licenses, and being inspection ready.

By using Obbi Golf, clubs can streamline their safety and compliance efforts, identify potential risks before they become hazards, and demonstrate their commitment to safety to members and visitors.


The recent incident at The Masters serves as a reminder that safety should always be a top priority for golf clubs. By implementing safety measures, complying with regulations, and using digital tools like Obbi Golf, clubs can create a safer, more enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

So, if you’re looking to swing safe and protect your club’s reputation, click here to contact Obbi Golf today.
Image Source: Sky Sports